...and how to solve the BIGGEST challenge you face today!


Introducing Global Success Academy Lab ELITE


Interactive, virtual workshops and on-demand trainings bring you the latest, most up-to-date information.

PLUS complete access to our library of event recordings from 2018.


Unlimited access to ME! Work with me and tap into my 34 years of experience coaching everyone from super Mum's to business titans.

PLUS Fun, monthly challenges and diagnostic tools keep you focused and motivated to achieve your goals. 


Ask the ME, the GSA team and your fellow ELITE Members anything via the private, members-only Facebook Group. We'll also keep you on track with additional resources including voicemails, sms, worksheets and planners.

What Do You Actually Get?

  •   Live 1/2 Day Virtual Workshops that kick off every month.
  •   Next day Q & A to get your most important questions answered & remove obstacles.
  •   Direct access to ME!
  •   Mastermind with fellow members and me via the private, Members Only Facebook Group
  •   Rinse and repeat every month :)
  •   FOCUSED training COMBINED with group coaching and masterminding (so stuff actually gets done)
  •   The latest tips, tricks, advice & feedback to know you’re executing the right way…the first time.
  •   All the benefits that come from having a smaller, tight-knit “community within a community”
  •   Additional support resources including voicemail and sms messages, worksheets, planners.
  •   Complete access to my 'Netflix' of mindset and personal development (33 execution plans).

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Performing At Your Peak Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

In the old days we jumped a plane, flew to a capital city, sat in a room for 3 days, listened to a guru, searched for food in short breaks, stayed in expensive accomodation, flew back home, implemented what we could remember, staggered back to work, fell off the wagon at some point and then bought the next big promise. 

It was extraordinarily expensive, shockingly time consuming and about as effective as pushing butter up hill with a red hot knitting needle.

We did it because it was the only option.

Not so now.

Modern technological advances may have bought you an electric car, a job you can do from home or even a marriage started online.


None of that holds a candle to “on demand” transformational training landing in your mobile device.

(its true, you can now do an MBA from Harvard on your phone)

The Problem Has Been…

We know our clients don’t:

Need to learn about the latest diet or exercise routine.

We know they do

Need to know how to put into practice the diet and exercise programs they already have stacked up on the shelves.

We know our clients don’t:

Need to be told that meditation is good!

We know they do

Need to figure out how to make it happen every day

We know our clients don’t:

Need to be told that Emotional Intelligence lengthens lives and deepens relationships.

We know they do

Need the “How To” of not spitting the dummy.

…most electronically delivered learning has been an attempt at transferring knowledge.

Think about that MBA from Harvard - for about $40,000, they send you 150 Gigs of info.

The completion rate is 4%.

Why So Low?

…it’s because they send information.

Which is NOT what people need. 

People actually need help implementing what they learn.

The Solution?

Study groups and tutors.

As soon as they hooked students up in groups where they could help each other, gripe about deadlines, be accountable to each other, share struggles, wins & solutions - the participation rate skyrocketed to nearly 15%.

Adding a coach into the mix took it all the way up to 25%.

We've Gone One Better...

…our clients complete and graduate at 84%.


  …when people join us - they join a revolutionary new way of generating lasting results.

That means we immerse them in a cloud of support…

   …because our experience is that most people do better with smaller, easier to handle tasks that fit into a normal day.

We figured out years ago that small, bite sized chunks, delivered more often are:

  •  Easier for our clients to digest,
  • Simple to fit into a busy schedule,
  • Build exponentially on each other and
  • Create lasting change.

That means they implement what they know is good for them instead of wondering why they can’t make themselves “be good”.

We deliver pieces of “How To…” 


…that take less than 5 minutes a day to get working.

Yep - you read it correctly.

We are saying, less than five minutes a day leads to more personal and professional success than days and days of workshops, endless classes, mountains of books, long courses and hours of mentoring all put together.

Would you swap 5 mins a day for everything you’ve ever wanted?

That (5 mins) makes 'doing what you know you should do' - super practical.

It means - this year - you’ll actually get things done.

Our clients fly because those 5 mins each day translate into 365 steps a year towards their goals and targets.

(Yes - you could be a slacker for a couple of months and still be 300+ steps ahead!)

No more letting a missed day or week derail you.

Our clients soar because we attack the issues of implementation from every angle.

Elite members are supported with text messages, voicemails, micro assignments, webinars, Q&A webinars, personal coaching, planners, worksheets, ‘on demand’ workshops and membership of our community.

Of course - none of them use it all. 

They just avail themselves of the parts that work for them.

We all know there is a list of things we have to get done.

We also know these things are not optional.

SuccessLab ELITE is how you get them integrated into your day.

That small miracle happens because I am intimately involved with you - giving you my personal help…

 …to make sure the simple 5 mins/day processes actually happen. 

That means that 2019 is the year when you stop saying, "I hope" and start saying, "I did."

Sound Good?

Then join us for a better chance of reaching your true potential - than there has ever been in the last 150 years. 

If you are a perfectionist you’ll want to read exactly what’s involved in the descriptions below.


You could save your self the time.

Just join us here.

I personally guarantee that what we deliver beats anything you can find anywhere

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FREE GIFT # 1: Implementation Secrets 2 Day Live Event

Just when everyone else is feeling the shock of the new year as their resolutions bite the dust join us for 2 days of accelerating your life and your projects by implementing the strategies and methods that continue to turn your dreams and goals into reality. 

Join this small like minded group in an intimate setting, working with Paul live on the things that really matter to you. 

Step 1: Identifying your progress (or lack there of) up to this point in the year. Recognising what the blockages have been and how they showed up. 

Step 2: Designing the strategies and processes that will actually 'stick' in your normal life and understanding how to implement them.

Step 3: Becoming accountable. Deciding who and how you will make yourself accountable for the actions identified in step 2. 

You'll walk away from this 2 day event with the knowledge and skills of a master implementor and the ability to get stuff DONE turning your dreams into reality. 

2nd & 3rd February 2019

The event will be recorded if you are unable to join us live.

WARNING! The First Workshop Kicks Off In Just A Few Weeks! AND Special Discount Pricing EXPIRES In Just...


FREE GIFT # 2: Success Lab Membership

When you join Lab ELITE you will be automatically enrolled in Success Lab (basic) and receive access to our library of Execution Plans. 

Each Execution Plan is a practical "how to" video lesson consisting of Paul personally teaching an important concept, idea or strategy designed to help you get the most out of yourself and your life. 

Each Execution Plan is delivered first as a live webinar. Run every month these sessions include time for questions allowing you direct access to Paul. The recordings of these webinars are then loaded into the Success Lab Members area along with the slides and homework assignments. 

As a Lab ELITE Member you will have access to both the library of Execution Plans and the live sessions. 

These Bonus Workshops & Execution Plans Sell For $4,420.00 But You Can Get Them BOTH... For FREE When You Try Global Success Academy's NEW Mastermind


FREE GIFT # 3: Mid Year Accelerator

There’s no doubt that despite your best efforts, life will throw up some roadblocks as the year progresses. Whether that’s people problems, time management issues, budgetary constraints or just plain bad luck, you’ll need effective tools and techniques to keep you moving forward. 

This event is specifically designed to give you the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to overcome any obstacles life throws at you. 

Attend the Mid Year Accelerator Event to ensure you continue building momentum and pursuing your objectives with the single minded focus and determination necessary for peak performance in any area.

17th & 18th August 2019

The event will be recorded if you are unable to join us live.

Workshop Schedule

Lab Elite members get a new workshop every month and we have some great stuff in store for you! Here's what we have coming up in the next few months:

Principles of Persuasion

15th June 2019 10am - 3pm 

Your ability to influence individual decisions and general mindsets of both people and groups is directly related to how successful your family or career will be.

School teachers do it all day but the rest of the population has little to no idea that some concepts need to be “sold” regardless of their innate worthiness.

Many a great idea, concept, product or action withered on the vine - simply because they were not backed by an effective persuasion program. This workshop explore the processes and techniques that change minds and motivate action.

Creating Happiness

20th July 2019 10am - 3pm 

Study after study show that happiness in the general population hasn’t risen significantly since the end of WWII despite a stratospheric rise in the standard of living. Baffled by the stats - scientists have been feverishly working to establish “why” and the research (so far) concludes that happiness is, in fact, an inside job.

There is a great deal of research pointing out that the focus on material objects, personal achievements and success creates “unhappiness”. This workshop teaches the concepts we must master in order to be deeply fulfilled, satisfied and happy with ourselves and our lives.

Remaining virtual workshop dates will be emailed to you upon enrolment. 

Nurturing Key Relationships

18th May 2019 10am - 3pm 

Two out of three marriages in Australia don’t make it to the 10 year mark, job duration is at an all time low of 2.3 years and there are more friends you don’t see anymore than you’d prefer…

The obvious conclusion is that we are hopelessly equipped to nurture the key relationships in our life - yet the mega data tells us that these same relationships are the key to living successfully into our 90’s.

These relationships matter more than the food we eat, the exercise we get and the income we live on but Aussies spend less on “Relationship Education” than they donate to charity. 


  • 12 Live, Virtual Workshops ($2,500 value)
  • 12 Next Day Q&A's ($1,200 value)
  • Group Coaching & Accountability ($3,000 value)
  • Direct access to Paul  ($??? value)
  • Access to members only FB group ($1,000 value)
  • Implementation Secrets 2 day event ($1997 value)
  • Access to Success Lab ($420 value)
  • Mid Year Accelerator 2 day event ($1997 value)
  • Voicemails & SMS prompts ($1,200 value)
  • Planners & Worksheets ($360 value)
  • Library of 2018 Event Recordings ($2,500 value) 

TOTAL VALUE = $16, 974






(per month)

(single payment)

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Lab ELITE is for "BUSY PEOPLE" who need to ACHIEVE MORE with less "busyness"


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I miss a session?

A: No worries!

The recording will be posted into the members area within 24 hours so that you can watch/listen at your leisure.

Q: What do you mean by 'attend live'?

A: There are two ways you can attend live:

            1. In person, in QLD, in the classroom with Paul.

            2. Virtually by logging in and watching the stream live in                    real time.

Why two options?

Paul wants a dozen live bodies in the room with him so that he can demonstrate what he means and discuss what needs to be achieved in the class because these workshops are so interactive.

You can choose to be one of those 12 people in the classroom if you want to.

If you don't want to travel - no worries!

You can also login from your home or office while the session is live and participate in the class from wherever you are.

You will even have the choice to remain anonymous if you like.

Q: What if I can't join a workshop?

A: No Worries! 

We understand sometimes live gets in the way with competing priorities.

The lessons are NOT sequential or dependant on each other. 

People will be joining this program all year. They will be starting wherever we are up to and accessing what we have already completed by visiting the library in the members area.

You’ll be able to do the same.

Q: What if I fall off the wagon?

A: No worries!

We’ll help you get back in the saddle. 

Your success or otherwise reflects on us so we’ll be making sure you get on with producing results and if you’ve been a bit slack…

Well - we are not going to run an intervention but we aren’t riding off into the sunset without you either!

Q: How to I get to be in the classroom?

A: Easy. 

When we open up places you’ll be allowed to bid for a seat (no charge). It will be first in best dressed but you’ll know when bidding for a seat is about to open up.

Q: Can I ask questions and participate if I am not in the room?

A: Absolutely!

In fact we’d prefer if you did. 

The interaction created by your questions will add depth and quality to the proceedings an increase everyone’s learning. We've had members all over the world experiencing life changing breakthroughs from interacting with us during the workshop.

We are hoping to be flooded with questions!

Q: How much access do I get to Paul?

A: No limits! 

During the week Paul will be available to as many questions as you can ask him in the private Facebook Group! The more interaction and questions you ask, the more you'll hear from him! And you'll also benefit from seeing his responses to other members questions. 

Q: What equipment and technology do I need to watch virtually?

A: Easy! 

Most important will be pen and paper.

After that you can suit yourself whether you log in using your phone, computer or tablet - you name it.

You’ll just be going to a simple (super secure) webpage that we broadcast the material onto. 

A: Absolutely.

We guarantee you will not find better, easier to comprehend, more useful, practical, learning materials.

We guarantee our coaching system actually delivers results.

We guarantee you will not find better value for money.


We can’t guarantee your effort, your willingness, your dedication or your application. 

A refund based on “life got in the way” is unlikely.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

Q: How long will I be an Elite member?

A: No limits! Join us for as little or as long as you like.

Elite is an ongoing program and we have many happy members joining us for multiple years. 

However in the unlikely event you do need to cancel simply send us one email - we have no contracts, no warm up or cool down periods.

WARNING! The First Workshop Kicks Off In Just A Few Weeks! AND Special Discount Pricing EXPIRES In Just...


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